Say No

Finally written another scenario! Full of angst but I had to give you something! Really wanna hug Yongguk after this..
Please please pleeaassee tell me what you think of this cause it’s been so long since I wrote a scenario and I took a break from my revision to write this ^^
Inspired by this song

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Title: Say No
Involves: Yongguk from BAP

The day had started off normal for Yongguk. He’d wake up, guilt and turmoil eating away at his mind before shaking away his thoughts and getting ready for school. He’d meet Himchan and Junhong at the corner of the street and together they’d wait for the bus. He’d sit at the back and listen as Junhong and Himchan joked around, Youngjae and Daehyun soon joining them. Then he’d wait as you enter the bus, sitting closer to the front, away from him. The smile would fall from his lips and he’d look away

Classes were lifeless, mundane and draining. They were a meaningless hurdle in the way of his dream of becoming a rapper. He’d prove to his parents that he could graduate. Essays and homework’s were easy. The teacher would allow him to sleep at the back of the class after having finished, knowing they were all top marks. Other students saw him as arrogant, stuck up and gorgeous. Was that how you saw him?

He’d always loved peace and quiet. It allowed him to think, to sort his thoughts. The classroom was noisy and cluttered. He’d close his eyes and sift through the voices, the laughter, the noise and he’d find you. Your voice, your ever calming laugh float towards him and his cluttered mind is once again at peace. He’d reassure himself that you were happier, healthier without him. That you deserved better and leaving was the best decision.

Your laugh cut short and his brows twitched, eyes still closed, ears pressed back. “Yah Himchan give that back!” You giggled. Ice ran down his spine and his stomach flipped. Glancing up he found a grinning Himchan holding away your phone on the table beside his. Himchan held your phone close to Yongguk and irritation shot through him. Seizing the phone, Yongguk looked straight at you, his gaze piercing.

Your smile slipped as you watched him. The break up was mutual yet heart breaking all the same. Even though a year had passed you found yourself awkward around him, remembering every kiss and every loving word. How had he turned into this person? Your friends had warned you he was like this all along but you couldn’t see it. Oh how blind you were. So why did you still having these lingering feelings?

“I’m trying to sleep.” He said stretching out his arm to you, phone in hand. You glanced at the phone and back to his deep eyes which were staring right through you.

“Sorry.” You retorted, clearly not sorry at all. Your friends around you had become silent watching the awkwardness between you two. Himchan glanced at his friend and back to you.

“We were only playing Yongguk. Aigoo, why so cold huh?” He laughed. Yongguk’s only response was to roll his eyes at his friend and turn away, laying his head on his arms again to sleep facing away from you both. “Who were you texting anyway? Boyfriend?” Himchan asked you.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” You laughed, your friends laughing along with you. Unnoticed by anyone around him, Yongguk clenched his teeth, an uncomfortable feeling settling in his stomach. He really wanted to know.

Finally the bell rang and it was time for break, Yongguk and Himchan meeting the rest of the gang outside. He decided to join Daehyun and Youngjae as they left to a café in the area, Himchan irritating him more than usual. Junhong and Jongup had already disappeared to find their other friends, closer to their age.

“Hyung you seem moody today. Is something wrong?” Youngjae spoke, noticing the slight frown on his expression. Yongguk sighed.

“I just can’t get my rap right on the song I’m working on and I couldn’t sleep in class today cause Himchan kept messing around with her. And now I have a headache.” Daehyun and Youngjae exchanged glances.

“You sure it’s about the song hyung? And not more about-“

“Guys. I’ve told you I’m over it.” He gave them a look, clearly showing he was not going to talk about it further. He’d had to convince the boys several times but the only one that seemed to listen was Himchan.

When classes started again, he was thankful you were not in his class. The uncomfortable feeling in his stomach was becoming irritating. He wondered whether Himchan getting close to you should bother him, whether the annoyance he feels when he sees the two of you talking is something he should concern himself about it but he throws those thoughts away. Your relationship was over, he was over it.

As lunch arrived, Yongguk was walking across the field to reach the cafeteria when Himchan caught up to him. “Hyung, I wanted to ask you something.”

“What’s up?” He replied though he knew he wouldn’t like it. The apologetic look in Himchan’s eyes, the nervous posture he held as he looked around. It was only a matter of time, he thought. Himchan grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the corner of the school building, away from earshot.

“I wanted to ask cause I knew you were a thing and I know you really loved her-“

“Get on with it.” Stop, don’t ask me.

“Can I ask her out?” Himchan swallowed, unsure what his friend would say.

“Who?” Yongguk replied, pretending he didn’t know. Please, stop. He didn’t want it to be true. Himchan gave him a look. Who else? It was useless, Yongguk thought. It’s been a year. He’d told them he was over it. He was over it.

It was at that moment he realised he’d have to stop lying to himself. He couldn’t sleep, thoughts of you and him invaded his dreams and twisted them to nightmares. He couldn’t complete his raps because you were his muse. He couldn’t stand seeing Himchan with you because his heart wasn’t ready to let you go. He loved you. He still loves you.

“That’s okay.” He shrugged, forcing a smile to his lips but only managing a single sided smirk.

You hated him now. He became arrogant so you would let go. His dream of being a rapper was getting in the way of your relationship and he could see it was hurting you. Becoming an Idol would completely destroy you, hurting you more than you ever would, so he broke it off before it could. He couldn’t stand to put you through that. Yongguk would rather have you feel pain now than for the rest of your prolonged relationship. He would rather have himself feel the pain instead of you. He would rather have you stop loving him altogether.

“I’m sorry, I just really like her. Now you’re through, it’s fine isn’t it?” Himchan wanted to make sure Yongguk was completely alright with it. He knew the other’s didn’t believe Yongguk was completely over you but he wanted to believe it. He was falling for you.

“I told you it’s fine. We’re not together anymore and I’m over it. Stop apologising.” Why couldn’t Himchan be like the others? Why couldn’t he see that he wasn’t over you?

“Are you sure?” Yongguk rolled his eyes at his friend and managed to force another smirk. A smile grew on Himchan’s face. “Thanks.” He breathed out as though he’d been holding it all this time. He turned to walk away then and Yongguk’s stomach churned with discomfort. He arm shot out and grabbed Himchan’s wrist before he could stop himself. Himchan turned around, surprised. He looked at Yongguk who refused to meet his eyes.

“Just- Just be a good boyfriend to her okay?” He muttered, looking at the ground. He couldn’t help it. Yongguk felt obligated to make sure Himchan treated you well. Himchan’s eyes widened as he realised that perhaps Yongguk was not as okay as he’d said. All he could do was nod. “She can’t handle her drink,” Yongguk found himself saying, “And she can’t stand Cigarette smoke. She doesn’t like being alone so always stay by her side. And always..” He finally looked up, an unreadable expression written on his features, “always remember her birthday.”

Your birthday was the day the thin glass holding your relationship in place, broke. You waited for him in your house, ready for a surprise, a present, a kiss, anything to show he’d remembered and appreciated you. Instead, Yongguk was posing as Jepp Blackman, competing in a rap tournament in a club downtown. He finished, defeated and disheartened, only to find 5 miss calls and 10 angry messages. He’d called back straight away to apologise, a huge bouquet and a box of chocolates in hand at your doorstep. You’d let it slide but it was always mentioned in following arguments.

Himchan didn’t know what to say. It was clear how his friend felt but he’d been given permission. Himchan wanted to be with you, was that so wrong? Yongguk could see that Himchan was having second thoughts. From behind him, he noticed you walking towards the cafeteria and forced Himchan to turn around by his shoulders.

“Look she’s over there.” He said, feeling sick. Was he really so masochistic? “Go ask her.” Himchan resisted. He couldn’t do it. But as he looked at you, his heart raced and a smile fought its way to his face.

“Thank you.” He repeated before finally jogging over to catch up to you. Yongguk leaned against the wall, hands shoved into his jean pockets, watching as his best friend asked his first and only love to a date.

Say no.

He had done his part, there was no turning back. The only chance he had left was if you rejected him. If you still had Yongguk in your heart and even though he’d treated you horribly, that you were still waiting for him.

Say no.

He watched as you smiled at the approaching boy. He watched as you tucked your hair behind your ear as the wind blew it in front of your face. He watched as Himchan asked you to meet him for coffee on Saturday. He watched as your cheeks turned red, as your eyes went wide, as you nodded your head, yes.

He watched as his broken heart fell to pieces, right in front of him.

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